Funny Christmas Sweaters

Here we have our top 5 funny Christmas sweaters that our customers rate highly and love the most.

We have a huge selection of ugly Christmas sweaters for men, women and children in all sizes.

We have so many designs to choose from that you are going to be stuck for choice.

Do not worry if you are working on a tight budget, we have cheap ones too.

If you are looking for a stand out Christmas sweater that is going to be admired by all, you are in the right place.

Bikini Funny Christmas Sweaters

Bikini Sasquatch Funny Christmas SweatersYou do not get any funnier than this. A Christmas sweater with a sasquatch in a bikini, how cool is that.

Pop this on at your next Christmas party and you are going to get noticed, this sweater oozes comedy, you will get so many comments about it.

The sweater is very well made, the sizes are well proportioned and the material is top notch, even the price is super low.

So what do the customer say about these very funny Christmas sweaters. Let’s find out;

Many say it was a huge hit at the Christmas party, if your party has a prize for the worst or funniest sweater then yours will win hands down.

I will quote one customer “best ugly and very funny Christmas sweater ever”. You do not need to look any further for a funny Christmas sweater, you have found the best, just buy it.

The only bad problem is that you can only wear it once a year, which is really annoying, but makes it even more special when it comes out again each year.

Want to win the ugly Christmas sweater contest, get this, you are guaranteed to win.

Price: Take a look

We Gonna Party Christmas Sweater

We Gonna Party Funny Christmas SweaterThese funny Christmas sweaters are for men and women and are available to buy in sizes small right up to extra large.

They have received amazing reviews too, the price is the main plus point. These sweaters are cheap to buy and are very good quality to go with it.

This sweater is so funny, it shows, as you can see, Jesus Christ saying we are gonna party like it’s my birthday. You can’t get much funnier than this baby.

Many customers reveal that they would definitely buy another one, they are brilliant and wish they could wear it all year round.

They hold up great in the wash too, which is rather surprising when you purchase a cheap Christmas sweater.

Whenever you wear this bad boy out in public you are going to get loads of comments about how cool and funny it is. You might even get annoyed at so many people asking where you got it from.

It is hilarious, people are going to be laughing at the sweater all the holidays. It is very comfortable, a great price and well made too.

Provides just the perfect amount of tacky Christmas humour to lift everyone’s spirits, 5 out of 5 from us.

Price: Take a look

Ermahgerd Funny Christmas Sweaters

Ermahgerd Funny Christmas SweatersLooking for really funny Christmas sweaters, look no further.

For the price the sweater is surprisingly well made and very comfortable to wear. Want to look like a super Nerd at the next Christmas party, this sweater will do the job.

If you are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party and want something that is hideously funny then this is the one for you for sure.

The sweater has so many 5 out of 5 star ratings that you can’t fail to be impressed, it is way up there with the best of them sliding into our number three spot with ease.

No one can take it away from you, this sweater is very very ugly indeed, it’s funny too, the perfect combination.

For the cheap price you would expect poor quality, but it’s actually not, it’s not a wear it once and throw away item, it can come out year after year.

Many have won the ugly Christmas sweater competition with this bad boy, it is completely worth every penny.

When you wear it you will get loads of compliments about it, it’s very warm too, perfect winter jumper.

Price: Take a look

Klaus Christmas Sweater

Klaus Funny Christmas JumpersThese Christmas sweaters are so ugly they are actually cool. This one has received amazingly good reviews and comes highly rated by many.

One customer wrote “I get loads of laughs from people with this sweater”, the design is very funny, you are going to love it.

It is very well made and one of the best funny Christmas sweaters that you can buy today. This one is going to be hot this year, so get one while they are still in stock.

The picture here does not really do it justice, just buy it now, you need to see it in real life to feel and see how good it really is.

Parts of the design uses a shiny glitter cotton that makes it even uglier than it looks in the picture.

It is a really fun Christmas sweater with nothing not to like about it, you are going to get lots of great comments when you wear it.

You are going to be surprised at the quality for the price and actually how comfortable it is to wear. Many would wear it all year round if they could.

Want to make the holidays even more fun, then get yourself one of these funny Christmas sweaters and get into the swing of it already.

Price: Take a look

Polar Bear Funny Christmas Sweaters

Polar Bears Humping Funny Christmas SweatersWhat can be funnier than two polar bears having sex on a Christmas sweater. Well take a look for yourself, hilarious isn’t it.

These Christmas sweaters are very popular at the moment, and for good reason too. The design is cool, funny and very ugly, so ugly it is super cool.

The ladies are going to love this sweater, you are going to get so many great comments about how cool it looks.

Many want to know is the sweater will be funny, or just a little too far. Trust us, it is funny, get some great little one liners to go with it and you are onto a winner here.

Are those Polar bears doing the dirty deed? Of course they are, but you don’t let on to the girls that you know that, you just flip back at them that they must have a dirty mind. Works every time guys, use the powers wisely.

I should also mention that sweater is really well made, comfortable to wear and washes well too. They do not shrink in the wash.

Having an ugly Christmas sweater party? You have to get one of these funny Christmas sweaters, these are the top five that are certainly going to get you noticed. Don’t think about it, just buy one.

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